by Aernus

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released April 17, 2015

This album was recorded between July 2014 and February 2015
at caronte studio by Diogo Jones and Aernus Band.

Music and Lyrics: Aernus band
Mix and Master: André Eusébio

Aernus thanks to André Eusébio and Lemon Drops team for all the help with the production of this album, thanks also to Bruno Nogueira for all this year’s rehearsing in caronte studio,thanks to Rute Pascoal for photoshootingthe band, and to you all people, friends and family for all your suport. Cheers!

Catalog Number: LEMONBC001



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Track Name: Homorretrocessus
Mankind, searching for an ideal life
Spirituality and flesh, envy and money
Losing your connection with nature
connecting with the stupidity of kings
The end of Civilization
Destruction and ripping the guts from the earth
The cult of beauty and external looks
Possession and ignorance of the superiority
not needed but the most wanted
Ignorance as ritual of men
What you see is not what really is
Regression of society
Human de-evolution
Track Name: Hanged One Eyed King
I saw him
The King …. Hanged
Thirteen Degrees from the sun
The all Seeing Eye
Manipulation of Civilization,
This illusion will fall
The end is near
Hang the King
One Eye, I saw
People to become in Petrified Zombie plague

We are the true humanity, we have no price no religion no fucking messiah
Only one God..

Slaves in the grave painted like gold
The lord of terror, domination and hate,
Controls the Souls
And he sells them like shit
Track Name: Oculus Animi Index
The way of consequences will not always be as the expected
Something dark may be something good for me
But through the eyes of another soul, may be fear and despair

Looking around and trying to understand
Reality and illusion

Can you see through my eyes? Can you read what they say?
May I say what they tell?
Can you feel what I fell? May I hide what I am?
Track Name: Journey To The Center Of The Earth
The easiest creatures to dominate
Unaware that they are gods
This world is changing
In the horizon we discover the truth
This place is rotten at core
Headless people fight alongside with scum

Journey to the Center of the Earth
We need to find the artifact

Receives and struggle for change
On the Surface, full of heat and natural colors
Hides the core
Close to its slaves

Journey to the Center of the Earth
We need to find the artifact
Protect and claim your existence
Journey to the center of life
Track Name: Horrendous

His house has a wall of pearls, motionless and impenetrable
He´s hidden inside
Decorated with the remains of animals and humans
Blood and souls, leaks from the source
Horrendous! Over the sun you are going down.
The flame of knowledge reaches your inner oppressor
In his castle
He´s also enslaved
Your weakness was unveiled
Horrendous! You can pray tonight but tomorrow you will be beheaded
The Stars will be Rise
Come on my brothers, time runs through infinity
And we are gods
Horrendous! You can pray tonight but tomorrow you will be beheaded.
Track Name: Confident of Torture
Confident of torture they come to me and Lies…
He creates walls of flesh
From their guts
His mind imprisons me
As well as its bloodthirsty castle
His disciples have tortured ideas
I'm again mutilated
My blood and guts speaks for me
this is a broken mirror
That ripped from all off my Veins
empty space inside of me
All that remains in me is my soul
This became a monster that feeds of karma,
Grows on fire …
Confident of torture, bring to me
Bring to me destruction
Bring to me
Lost control, Tortured in this Prison
His Confidents and laughs of torture,
now the soul, and without a body.